Those Who Serve

Sancourt British CemeteryThose who serve come in many forms.  They are the women and men of our military (Army, Navy and Air Force); they are emergency services workers (Police, Fire and EMS); they are volunteer, auxilliary and reservist personnel.  They are parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends and lovers.  They are the brave sons and daughters of this great nation.

You may ask why I have such an affinity for those who serve; Wounded Warriorthe obvious assumption is that I am one, however I am not.  I am the daughter of an airman (ret.), the granddaughter of an old tar (ret./late), and the great-granddaughter of an infantryman (KIA Sept 29, 1918).  I am employed by one of the largest EMS providers in the province of Ontario in an administrative capacity, and I count many who work in the industry and who serve this country among my friends.

CdnParamedicBenevThere are many organizations, both provincially and nationally, that support our heroes and warriors in recovering from injury (be it physical or emotional) and that support the families of our fallen.  These organizations should be commended.  They also need our help.

Below I have listed a few of these organizations.  You may already be aware of them or you may have never heard of them.  I encourage you to click the Heroes are Humanlinks, learn more about the organizations and if you able, support them.  Many of these organizations hold annual runs, rides, races and other competitions to promote their causes and to raise funds.  Please do what you can.  Our heroes and their families thank you. Can Praxis (equine therapy for service personnel with PTSD) – I don’t have a lot of information on this organization yet, but will update when I have more details. National Service Dogs

If you have information or links to other sites in this area, please share them with me.  I plan to put together a separate page of provincial organizations and keep this one for national organizations. 


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