Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

There are many social campaigns to which I am willing to lend a hand.  The are some organisations whose efforts mean a great deal to me because their end game or philosophy is very near and dear to my heart.  I don’t particularly care for campaigns that are politically motivated – I really have no use for that.

As mentioned on another one of these pages, I have an affinity for those who serve, but being a Canadian patriot, I tend to put my supportive efforts behind my own country men and women.  I also have a penchant for four-legged things, winged things, swimmy things, and earthy things.  If your cause supports anything of these things you will likely gain my attention, and quite possibly my friendship, which really is priceless 🙂

I am but a working class mum (single parent), whose ends don’t always meet, so the likelihood of me being able to financially support your cause are slim-to-none.  I am more than willing however, to utilize my substantial social media presence – okay substantial may be a bit of hyperbole, but the more I do this blogging thing, the more connections I make – to bring light to your cause.  Theoretically, this would be a good thing.  I may only have a mere 200 Facebook friends, but if each of those 200 friends has at least 200 friends of their own, and if those 200 friends have their own 200 friends, just think how many people we can reach.  My twitterverse is pretty small right now, I’ve only been tweeting for a few months, but I foresee this expanding in the very near future.

So, let’s spread the word and get you heard!


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