LasagnaI love to cook, or more appropriately, I love to feed people.  Everything I cook, is made with love.  All of my recipes are, of course, gluten free, but they are easily adaptable for the gluten tolerant, just substitute your gluteny ingredients for the gluten free ones.  However, what I hope you will come to realize is, that gluten free ain’t all that bad.

For the record, I rarely measure anything.  I love to experiment with meals; most of the time things turn out quite lovely.  And then there are the experiments that we just don’t talk about… and we never make again.

Baking is a little different, especially the gluten free kind.  Often tweeks are required mid recipe, because it’s not the right consistency or it just doesn’t look right.  I use more measurements in baking recipes, but still, it’s mostly a crap-shoot.

Sheppard's Pie 2

Some of these recipes are my own creations, some are not (some I adapted from non-gluten free recipes).  When the recipe is not mine, I will give credit to the originator if I have that information.  Suffice it to say, if it is not mine, I will not take credit.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy them.

Peace y’all


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