Real Men/Women are/have…

For years – quite possibly since the dawn of language – we have all been told what makes a woman or man “real”.  Here are a few of my favourite slogans, add campaigns and article titles since the advent of the interwebs:

  • Real Men Have Jobs
  • Real Women have Curves
  • Real Men Eat Meat
  • Real Women Have Muscle
  • Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche
  • Real Women Have Husbands
  • Real Men Have Beards
  • Real Women Hunt Bears Whilst Wearing Bikinis and Simultaneously Cooking a Gourmet Meal

Okay, I made that last one up, but you can Google all the others.  Also, that last one is just to let you know how fucking ridiculous and lame these labels are.  I’m not quite sure who makes up these rules or decides they get to determine what is reality for the human race, but it really needs to stop.

Here’s a simple table to help you determine if a woman or man is real:

Descriptor(note: this is subject to change should we ever be assimilated by the Borg)


Not Real

Is made mostly of flesh and bone, requires oxygen, consumes sustenance


Is made of plastic or other non-living substance, does not require oxygen, cannot consume sustenance


Men and Women come in all shapes, sizes and colours, have a variety of religious, spiritual, cultural and personal beliefs, some wear plaid and some don’t; they are gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgendered, or asexual; there are hairy ones and bald ones and wrinkly ones and crooked ones; sometimes they feel like a nut and sometimes they don’t; there are young ones and old ones and smart ones and really fucking stupid ones; there are able-bodied ones and ones that need a little help.  There are as many descriptors for people as there are bodies on this planet, and every single one of them is REAL.  There is absolutely no way you can come up with one or two words to describe what a man or a woman “should” be, or look like, or act like.  

Stop with the labels

Stop with the shaming

Accept people for who and what they are

Live and let live