Some things we should all be much more aware of…


autism111.April is Autism Awareness Month.

2.April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

3. Today and all through April there will be more talk, more posts, more ads, more stuff sold, more people arguing about what caused Autism and still the numbers of children with Autism will rise.

4. For me everyday is Autism day. My son is brilliant, funny, clever, handsome, and amazing; he also happens to have Autism.

5. Children are being diagnosed with Autism in record numbers. Businesses, charities, celebrities, etc. are making record profits off the fears and vulnerabilities of parents.

6. Governments may say they’re aware and are doing a lot, but in truth, they just aren’t doing nearly enough.

7. Some parents hold mock funerals when their child is diagnosed with Autism. Is it just me or is that super creepy?

8. There are opautism13en doubters, closet doubters…

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Open Letter to Daniela

Open Letter to Daniela.

This post was written by a young man who I met a number of years ago through the Toronto contingent of NaNoWiMo(ers) – never quite figured out how to address that group collectively.  Anywho, when first I met young Ren, he was female presenting and after spending some time together at writing sessions and NaNo events, I had made the assumption that Ren was gay.  This did not change my opinion of Ren.  I always thought Ren was a nice kid (I’m a generation or so older that most of the young ‘ns in that writing group), sweet, kind, conscientious, funny, a talented young writer and a great karaoke host.  Even though I haven’t seen Ren in three or four years and he is now male presenting, this opinion has not changed; nor will it ever.

LGBT AllyI consider myself an LGBT ally, I believe everyone on this planet is entitled to their rights being equal to the next persons.  Not one of us is better than anyone else nor is anyone more deserving of respect than another person.  We are all human; ergo, we are all equal.

I encourage you to read Ren’s post with an open mind; perhaps you could continue reading his blog and become educated on the many issues with which transgender folks are faced.  It is my humble opinion that the more people educate themselves to issues they deem “uncomfortable” the less “assholey” they tend to be – sadly, this does not apply to all people, but I have hope for the human race.

To Ren:

While you may not remember me, I will always remember you.  I can’t put my finger on precisely what it was; your constant smiling face, your exuberance, joyfulness or zest for life, but you impressed me.  I have dealt with a few lows in my life and plowed through some shitty experiences, but what you have endured just to be who you are, well, it humbles me.  I am truly grateful to have met you and perhaps our paths will cross again one day.  Until then, I wish you much peace, love and happiness – I remain, SnippyB 🙂

Chapter 1 – The Runaway

Chapter 1 – The Runaway.

The link above will take you to Chapter 1 of an online novel, The Patron Saint of Dogs, being written by local author Colleen MacDougall.  I have only just begun to read her work, but what I have read I really like.

From Colleen’s Blog:

The Patron Saint of Dogs portrays an animal rescuer obsessed with saving misfortunate dogs and cats. Roaming back alleys with her canine partners-in-crime, Grace searches for animals to help and bring justice to their abusers.”

I encourage you to follow Colleen and to support her in her noble quest.  I look foward to reading the rest of the online content and then fully supporting the final published version.

Who’s a good girl???



Written by a friend, a high school alum who, funnily enough, I met only recently… on Facebook.

I do not have this illness though I do live in some level of pain every day – I have a different illness altogether.  Too many illness are viewed in a similar regard.  How many years do those who live with an illness have to go it alone before it’s legitimized by the court of public opinion?

Read, ponder, follow and support my friend.