One Month

Well, it has been one month since the monorail went on.  I still have some challenges with that whole eating thing – too many missing chompers – and all of my uppers are still causing me a good deal of discomfort.  Some days I don’f feel like consuming anything just because I have nothing soft to eat.  Last week, on a particularly bad day, I had pudding for dinner…

Who says you couldn’t, have instant puddin’… J-E-L-L-O!

I have soup for lunch just about every day at work.  I put crackers in it but let them get really mushy before I try to chew, which ain’t easy with GF crackers.  Those things are like bricks, very thin, but bricks nonetheless.

One day last week the boys were both home and I asked them how often they checked to see if there was any progress with the straightening of the dental work.  They responded, nearly in unison, ‘every time I looked in the mirror’.  And I thought, okay, I’m normal… at least in that aspect. 😀

I find that I’m doing less mouth-breathing whilst I sleep.  I have no idea if that is at all related to the braces, just thought I’d mention it.


So I was pretty certain that I had published this, or at the very least scheduled it to be posted on Friday, March 14; however, it would appear that didn’t happen.  So here’s an update on my one-month anniversary…

I had a cleaning on March 20.  WOW and HOLY SHITBALLS!!!  I thought the last two weeks were painful; but this was tantamount to torture.  I’m glad that only happens twice a year.

On the upside, the excruciatingly painful two weeks prior to the cleaning resulted in some epic dental restructuring.  No wonder it hurt.  I am, to say the least, profoundly pleased with the progress.

Next appointment: first tightening on April 11


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