Day 1 – Hardware Installation

February 14, 2014

The hardware went on at approximately 10:00 this morning.  It is 12:30 in the PM as I type this update.  The good Dr. advised that the pain will start within four to five hours of the install… so I’m still okay.

A good deal of anxiety was experience during the installation process; I came very close to ripping that face spreader thingy out of my mouth and running screaming from the building.  But I didn’t.  I kept telling myself it would be over in a few minutes, she (Carol) was almost done.  And then she uttered those sweet words “Okay, I’m going to take this out now” but then she kept talking, and not removing.  I could feel Ralph Kramden welling up inside me, I wanted to scream “GET IT OUT, NORTON”.  In reality, it was probably only a few seconds, but that bloody thing hurt so much it felt like it was taking forever.

Finally with that torture device removed from face I composed myself (have to admit I was so very close to tears that my face may have leaked a little bit) and was able to ‘enjoy’ the remainder of the process.   I am so very grateful that that part of the process is over.

All-in-all not a completely horrible experience, although I must say I am not looking forward to having the bottom tracks put on in four months.  Oh yeah, did I mention today was just the uppers?  Too much carnage in my mouth to put top and bottom on at the same time. 

I would like to take a moment to thank the good people at Village Orthodontics in Mississauga for inflicting so much pain and for, ultimately, giving me a beautiful smile.  My experience thus far has been stellar; great staff, very warm and friendly.

Village Ortho

Next visit: April 11, 2014


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