Tow Trucks and Their Drivers

ThisSteven's Tow Truck is my son, Steven.

He is 21 years old and as of March 20, 2014 became one of your friendly-neighbourhood CAA tow truck drivers up in the  He’s very excited for his new career; he says the best part of it is that he gets to help people.  He makes his mama so proud 🙂

I drive the 400 series highways in the Greater Toronto Area a lot.  I see accidents and broken down vehicles on a regular basis; I see them just about every single trip.  I know that when there is a vehicle off to the side of the road and there are emergency vehicles or tow trucks present, it is my duty as a responsible driver to give them room to work.  I move over to the to the next lane if there is room or I’ll give them the widest berth possible if there isn’t any room.  We should all do this.

All too often I hear on the news that one of our front line emergency services workers (police, fire, ambulance) or roadside assistance worker was hit by a passing vehicle as they attended to someone who themselves had been involved in an accident or was stopped along the highway.  This is incredibly tragic and so completely preventable.

For all of us who drive vehicles, it is our responsibility to drive with care and caution at all times, but especially when any type of road crew, emergency workers, utility workers or roadside assistance are present.  If you live in the Province of Ontario and have an Ontario driver’s license you should know this because it is in the driver’s handbook.  This link will take you to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario‘s web site.

For the sake and safety of my son and all of his tow truck driving brethren, and anyone else who’s job requires them to work on the open road – PLEASE, I implore you – be respectful when you pass them on the highways and byways.  Give them room to work safely.  Their moms and everyone else who loves them will be eternally grateful.

This public service message is brought to you by ‘She Who Nags Because She Cares’ 😀


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