Crawford LakeHello good people of the interwebs!

Welcome to my blog space; it is very nice of you to grace my space with your face.  And whilst we are on the subject, this IS my space, not to be confused with MySpace, which this is not.  This space is my place to rant and rave, and yammer and yak, as I please.  I am not here to seek approval from anyone (especially you.  No, not you, the other one, the one to your left.  No, your other left.  Oh, never mind).  I may, on occasion, ask for your opinion; but that doesn’t mean I am necessarily going to agree with it.

I enjoy a good debate; and by good debate I mean one that is fair and respectful.  No mud slinging and no name calling.  I will only engage in a healthy debate on subjects about which I am knowledgeable; however, I do have a penchant for raving on subjects about which I know shit.

And speaking of excrement, I swear… a lot.  Sometimes too much.  I am partial to the F-bomb.  Don’t take it personally.

There are many subjects on which I intend to opine.  My plan is one subject per week so as not to overwhelm you with profundity.  You will notice, eventually, that I have a deep affinity for those who serve, the environment, my boys (natch) and my cat.  They will be frequent topics of discussion.  You’ll have to deal with that.

and on that note… HOLY FUCK IT’S -32°!!!

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m really looking forward to following your blog. Sounds like we’ll get along just great. The “F” word happens to be one of my favorites and I like you, don’t really give a shit what anyone thinks of my blog or what I write about. I do it for me, mainly, but it is nice to inspire others along the way. I look forward to getting to know you better, as well.
    Tammy 🙂

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